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Expert Opinion - Hire a Laser Expert for Expert Opinions and Certifications

Laser assessment and certifications for show lasers and industrial lasers

Laserworld Academy offers professional and independent assessments and certifications of laser systems, performed by an expert with years of professional experience. Services can be for example: Risk assessment, clearance certificate for a system, written documentation of a laser system, etc.. On request, we measure emission power and immission power.
In terms of laser safety, you are on the safe side with laser certification from Laserworld Academy and can - if necessary - submit the required documents to the competent authority.

Make an appointment and one of our experts will inspect your laser system on site quickly and cost-effectively and, if necessary, carry out a risk assessment. Our experts are flexible in terms of time and are qualified experts acording to OStrV and TROS, among others.

Risk assessment for every location - promptly and cost-effectively

Whether laser systems in the trade for laser cutting or laser marking, laser systems in industrial applications, or show laser technology at festivals and stages, in bars and discotheques, our experts will be happy to carry out a laser inspection at your premises. Especially when using lasers at trade fairs, a written risk assessment is often required by the organizer before you are allowed to exhibit your laser systems or showcase your products with lasers. Laserworld Academy takes care of a prompt acceptance of your laser systems. Mail us for a non-binding, free inquiry and we will get in touch with you.
With Laserworld Academy your laser safety is in good hands.


Write us to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more Details and to make an appointment!