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Online Laser Safety Officer training according to OStrV (Germany) 16.12.2024

Start: 09:00 o'clock
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According to: OStrV, TROS, DGUV11
520,00 EUR excl. 19.00% VAT
618,80 EUR incl. 19.00% VAT

Price with registration from 09.12.2024:
654,50 EUR incl. 19.00% VAT
Online Laser Safety Officer training via video-call (Teams or Zoom) according to the German legal framework OStrV and TROS. This training is specifically designed for people who want to get applied as "Laserschutzbeauftragter" in Germany (there may be different requirements in other countries)

Laser Safety seminar to obtain the expertise according to the requirements from OStrV and TROS.
The training course is structured in accordance with the requirements of the OStrV in conjunction with Section 5.2.2 f of the TROS - General Section (Technical Rules for the Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance on Artificial Optical Radiation) and the international standard IEC 60825-1.
Also suitable for refresher training (Technical Rules for the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation on Artificial Optical Radiation (TROS) 07/2018 in § 5.1 (2) para. 2: Every 5 years)


Is an online Laser Safety Seminar permissible?

DGUV Principle 303-005 states on page 15:

"The requirements for the training of laser safety officers in the OStrV and the TROS Laser Radiation can only be completely fulfilled by a face-to-face event with the minimum duration according to TROS Laser Radiation. The acquisition of the required expertise of laser safety officers through e-learning alone does not fulfil these requirements."


The wording defines a pure e-learning laser safety seminar as non-compliant with the regulatory. However, the definition is not particularly clear, which is why we have examined how the wording is to be understood and what possibilities there are, if any, to conduct an online laser safety seminar within a clearly defined and permissible framework. In consultation with the authors of DGUV Principle 303-005, we were able to specify that there are indeed possibilities to hold laser safety seminars digitally in such a way that they are permissible and fully comply with the applicable requirements from OStrV and TROS.

This is how you can participate in a permissible online laser safety seminar with us:

  • Register in good time for the seminar at (places are very limited!).
  • We will conduct the seminar like a face-to-face event via video conference (Teams or Zoom) - so you will need to be online the whole time during the event on the day of the seminar.
  • You will need a webcam so that the teacher can see you, and a headset/microphone/speaker so that you can communicate with the teacher and the other participants.
  • Have your ID card or passport ready for identification.
  • During the final exam the camera must remain switched on, the teacher will monitor the exam this way.
  • There will be repeated breaks.

The contents of the online seminar correspond to those of a face-to-face event.

Read more details about the Online Event

What then was the purpose of the wording in DGUV Principle 303-005?

There are always black sheep everywhere and there have been various providers who have run their "online laser safety seminars" by simply sending out documents (including the examination forms) and without actual training and actually verifiable learning success. And it is such seminars that are NOT permissible as "online laser safety courses" according to DGUV Principle 303-005 - understandably so.

We provide substantial and effective training

The Laserworld Academy has been successfully conducting laser safety seminars in a wide variety of contexts for many years - it has always been our concern that all participants understand the content and are also able to apply what they have learned in a meaningful way. We train in a comprehensible and transparent manner and are always happy to receive enquiries and discussions during the laser safety courses.

Accredited training body

In addition to our seminars on laser safety in Germany, since 2020 we have also been one of only two accredited bodies in Switzerland to provide Certifications of Competence for events involving laser radiation in accordance with the Swiss V-NISSG. You benefit directly from our experience from this very strictly regulated training structure.


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16.12.2024 - Online Laser Safety Officer training according to OStrV (Germany) - Laserworld Academy, (618,80 EUR incl. 19.00% VAT)
. This seminar does NOT cover the required content for cosmetic laser applications, tattoo removal or medical lasers. Due to the new version of the NiSV on 05.12.2018, new regulations have been issued for such applications, which either require a license to practice medicine (tattoo removal), or require a more extensive course. More information can be found here: NiSV innovation information - as of 20190103
. Please refer to the document for the dates for the respective effective dates of the regulations as well.

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