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Technical training in laser technology

Technical training: Show laser light technology, show setup, maintenance

Laserworld Academy offers technical trainings in show laser light technology all over Europe. Our trainers - relying on years of experience in the show laser industry – teach new, interesting, scientifically-grounded skills and knowledge in a comprehensive way. We communicate the technically complex in a comprehensive way and make them easily understandable. 

The contents of the courses focus show laser light hardware, show setup and show laser maintenance. Convergence alignment is part of the training as well as cleaning and safe and secure handling of show laser light systems on a production site.

Setting up a basic show for playing pre-programmed timeline shows as well as a general, basic setup for live laser shows with various control options are part of this training.

An important part of this training is troubleshooting: In case the lasers are not working on-site - what can be done to get them going? Which part of the setup causes the problem: Hardware, wiring, addressing, software, laser system (with each component), etc.? What measures can be taken to identify the part and what can be done to fix it?


Agenda Draft:

General explanation of technical features of a show laser light system

How is a modern show laser light system constructed? Which parts do what in such a system and how does the show laser system create images? This is explained in our trainings as basics for the following hands-on training part. It is important to understand how a show laser light system works to be able to actually do a laser show and not run into issues on site. Therefore we also train on-site troubleshooting as a major part of this seminar.


Maintenance and cleaning of the laser light system

This part of the training discusses the requirements for maintenance works. Indicators are discussed as well as maintenance measures are demonstrated. 
Dust, fog fluid residue or other mist can accumulate inside laser housings. Depending on the quality level of a laser system this requires more or less frequent system maintenance. Not maintaining a laser properly leads to reduced output and can severely damage the whole device.


Convergence alignment

Convergence alignment describes the alignment of the different source colors to match up in one single beam (usually white). It is possible that the small mirrors inside a show laser system comes out of alignment due to shock or thermal influences. Then it is necessary that the color convergence is realigned again.
We demonstrate the different methods of convergence alignment during our training and the participants can excercise it with several devices.


Before and during the laser show

A generic set-up of a laser show is part of this training: Mounting, wiring and connecting to the software (not software training, this is another seminar), but also using safety zones properly. We also deal with laser safety related issues during show setup.

No matter if it's a timeline coded laser show or a live laser show - the requirements are similar, yet the live laser show requires further measures of safety and awareness during the show. We train many different aspects of the different control options, including external triggering through DMX and MIDI.


Dismantling and transport of show laser systems

After a laser show has finished, it is important to get the valuable show laser systems back to the storage. We discuss different measures that ease up this procedure and also potential maintenance work afterwards.



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