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Certification of Competence Level 2 - according to O-NISRA (V-NISSG) 03.05.2021

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Start: 09:00
Start: 09:00
Start: 09:00
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Kreuzlingerstr. 5,
8574 Lengwil

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According to: V-NISSG (Switzerland)
3.990,00 CHF excl. 7.70% VAT
4.297,23 CHF incl. 7.70% VAT

Price with registration from 23.04.2021:
4.523,40 CHF incl. 7.70% VAT
according to V-NISSG article 16 paragraph 1 letter b for events with laser radiation in the public area (audience scanning) according to V-NISSG article 13


Laserworld Academy
Kreuzlingerstr. 5
8574 Lengwil 7 Switzerland

Lunch break for your individual arrangement

Successful completion entitles the holder to run events with laser radiation without and with audience scanning

The training is carried out by:
Laserworld (Switzerland) AG

Laserworld (Switzerland) AG is a federally recognised body for the implementation of training courses for the confirmation of expertise (Sachkundebestätigung) and the certificate of expertise (Sachkundenachweis) for events with laser radiation according to V-NISSG and is listed accordingly in the directory of the Federal Department of Home Affairs (EDI-V dated 26.06.2020)

Certificate of competence, legal framework
New regulation in Switzerland concerning laser shows: On 27.02.2019, the Federal Council issued the Ordinance on Protection against Hazards arising from Non-Ionising Radiation and Noise (V-NISSG). This specifies the requirements defined in the NISSG in more detail.

According to this an operator with expertise will be required for each laser show from December 2020.
This expertise is specified in two levels:

Sachkundebestätigung (Confirmation of Competence) according to V-NISSG
The Sachkundebestätigung (Certification of Competence) can be obtained by attending a one-day seminar and passing the examination. It qualifies you to perform laser shows without audience scanning. Sachkundenachweis according to V-NISSG
The Sachkundenachweis can be obtained by attending a four-day seminar and passing the examination. It qualifies to perform laser shows without and with audience scanning.

The qualified person with a Sachkundebestätigung can also perform a laser show with public exposure if a qualified person with a Sachkundenachweis has prepared and set up the show and instructed the holder of the Sachkundebestätigung.

The V-NISSG defines the requirements arising from the NISSG more specifically and regulates responsibilities in a new way. For operators of show laser systems in particular there are new regulations which are structured as follows:

V-NISSG Art. 13 Event with laser radiation in the public area
1.) Anyone who performs an event with laser radiation in the public area, at which a laser device of class 1M, 2M, 3R, 3B or 4 is operated, must employ a person in accordance with paragraph 2 letter a.
2.) The person who operates the laser equipment must:
   a. hold a certificate of competence as referred to in Article 16(1)(b);
   b. Comply with the requirements of annex 3, paragraph 1.2;
   c. notify the FOPH via its reporting portal of the information according to appendix 3, clauses 2.1 and 2.3, at least 14 days before the start of the event.
3.) A person with a certificate of competence can use a person with a confirmation of competence for the surveillance of an event with laser radiation in the public area.

New regulation by the V-NISSG to replace the SLV
The V-NISSG will replace the SLV from December 2020. A key innovation is that laser shows will no longer be displayed at cantonal level (or even at municipal level, as is the case in some cantons), but at federal level directly to the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG) via a central reporting portal.

Target of training

Acquisition of the protected, federally recognised certificate of competence for events with laser radiation (Sachkunde), without and with audience radiation. According to V-NISSG

Approval requirements

No special conditions need to be fulfilled. Minimum age for participation: 18 years.

About the location

About the training location: The training location in Lengwil is located in the canton of Thurgau and next to Lake Constance. This training is specifically designed for all persons who would like to carry out events with laser radiation in Switzerland.

Additional Information:

Training contents

  • Legal foundations
    • V-NISSG and further legal decrees
    • V-NISSG requirements for V with laser radiation in the audience
    • Reporting and reporting portal V-NISSG
    • Product safety and labour law
    • Rights and duties according to V-NISSG
    • laser classes
  • Laser Technology and Safety
    • limit values & MZB
    • Risks & protective measures
    • Optimal laser system
  • Health effects
    • eye and skin damage
    • glare, distraction
    • endangerment of third parties
  • Theoretical and practical basics
    • installation and commissioning show laser systems
    • program laser show
  • Safety assessment
    • MZB
    • measurement technology

Certification of competence according to V-NISSG

To be able to take the examination for the certificate of competence, attendance of this course is a prerequisite. The theory examination is held after the training, the practical examination on the day of the examination. You will receive further details as well as a concrete schedule and preparation documents during the registration process..

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03.05.2021, 04.05.2021, 05.05.2021, 06.05.2021, Exam: 07.05.2021 - Certification of Competence Level 2 - according to O-NISRA (V-NISSG) - Laserworld (Switzerland) AG, Lengwil (4,30 CHF incl. 7.70% VAT)
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